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To start, let's determine which Better Build service can help you achieve your goals. 

physical therapy

  • I have an orthopedic injury that gets in the way of my daily life. 

  • I want hand-on therapy, including joint mobilizations and soft tissue treatment. 

  • I have been referred to physical therapy by a physician. 

sports performance

  • I want to increase my strength, agility, mobility, overall fitness, or decrease my risk of injury. 

  • I want sports-specific training and to increase my overall performance. 

  • I want to learn how to safely lift weights or need guidance on how to progress. 

Next, take a look at the offered treatment session length. If you are coming in for your first physical therapy session, it is required that you book an initial evaluation. From there, we can decide which treatment options make the most sense for your goals. 

To book an appointment or for any inquiries, please email or fill out the contact form located at the bottom of this page.  

What is cash-based physical therapy? why would i pay out of pocket for something typically covered by insurance?  

In a cash-based treatment approach, the sole participants involved are the patient and the physical therapist. Without the constraints of insurance reimbursement rates, the therapist can dedicate their attention to delivering exceptional service while maintaining minimal administrative expenses. Collaboratively, the physical therapist and the patient strive towards achieving goals in the most efficient manner, unrestricted by insurance-dictated value.

This model is designed for the physical therapist to deliver the highest quality care. Through working one-on-one and investing in your own health, you will likely save time and money in the long run. My goal is not to "use up" all your prescribed sessions. It is to teach you how to take ownership over your own health and give you the tools to rehab and train long after we are done working together. 

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